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Outcomes you can expect to create:

- Feel healthier and happier.

- Look good and feel great.

- Develop confidence, competence and higher self-esteem.

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Even if you hate diet and exercise...



At forty I was 50lbs overweight, stressed out and addicted to processed foods.  I believed that I was "no worse  than anyone else" and that perspective almost killed me.  A decade and 50lbs later, I credit the worlds top endurance athletes for sharing their process of change with me and now I want to share that new perspective and mental toughness with you. - Dave Buzanko, Heartfit Champion

Want vs. Need
Every company wants a healthy and happy workforce.  We all know that healthy, happy employees can be a competitive advantage.  What you need is a Heartfit Champion who can lead your team through the mental process of change to develop the confidence and competence they need to take action.

What real people have to say about Dave:
I have been a Heartfit Champion since 2013.   My husband Scott and I now understand the benefits of spinning with a heart rate monitor.  Using our heart rate monitors we were able to break beyond the perceived notion of exertion and work to our body's requirement to achieve total heart fitness. This new perspective has allowed me to keep my heart health in check, especially as a Type 2 Diabetic.  During my regular checkups, my Doctors (Specialists and Family Doctor) have commented on my heart's health, great heart rate and blood pressure, low cholesterol and are impressed with my resolve to maintain it.”  Forever Grateful, Lina Kenny 49, Andrew Peller Wines

“I have been a
Heartfit Champion for three years.  Dave is truly a champion of heart health and wellness.  The Heartfit Champion program  has taught me a sustainable way to keep my mind and body healthy.”

Tara Becevel 40, RN, Walker Family Cancer Center

“I have been a
Heartfit Champion for three years and Dave has inspired me to enjoy life as an active heart healthy adult.  Spinning with Dave has given me the confidence to ride outdoors even commuting to work by bike in the summer months and participating in the 100km ride to conquer cancer.”

Brenda Sevcik 52, Niagara Health System

“I have been a
Heartfit Champion since July 17, 2014, exactly 4 weeks following my heart attack.  Following the Heartfit Champion program has taught my wife Terri and I how use a heart rate monitor to monitor our heart rates while exercising.  One year later and all of my doctors are impressed not only with my current health results but the concept of Heartfit365 training in general.  They have my full support for continued success in the Heartfit Champion program.” 

Doug Johnson 50, heart attack survivor, Regional Niagara

“I’m glad to hear how well you’ve done with the
Heartfit365 lifestyle that you clearly bought into.   Your results show you have a good program going.  Maybe we can work together at this.”

Dr. Emilio Raimondo, MD FRCPC



The Heartfit Life

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