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Your company exists to sell more goods and services profitably and to do that, you need healthy happy optimistic people.  Let us inspire your employees to discover happiness as the JOY they feel while striving for their full potential every day.

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What real people have to say about Heartfit Living:
I have been a Heartfit Champion since 2013.   My husband Scott and I now understand the benefits of exercising with a heart rate monitor.  Using our heart rate monitors we were able to break beyond the perceived notion of exertion and work to our body's requirement to achieve total heart fitness. This new perspective has allowed me to keep my heart health in check, especially as a Type 2 Diabetic.  During my regular checkups, my Doctors (Specialists and Family Doctor) have commented on my heart's health, great heart rate and blood pressure, low cholesterol and are impressed with my resolve to maintain it.”  Forever Grateful, Lina Kenny 49, Andrew Peller Wines

“I have been a
Heartfit Champion for three years.  As a nurse, I can say that Wellness Literacy was never part of my training.  The Heartfit Champion program  has taught me a sustainable way to keep my mind and body healthy.” 
Tara Becevel 40, RN, Walker Family Cancer Center

“I have been a
Heartfit Champion for three years and Wellness Literacy has inspired me to start enjoying life as an active heart healthy adult.  Wellness Literacy has given me the confidence to ride outdoors even commuting to work by bike in the summer months and participating in the 100km ride to conquer cancer.”

Brenda Sevcik 52, Niagara Health System

“I have been a
Heartfit Champion since July 17, 2014, exactly 4 weeks following my heart attack.  Following the Heartfit Champion program has taught my wife Terri and I how use our activity trackers to monitor our heart rates while exercising.  One year later and all of my doctors are impressed not only with my current health results but the concept of Wellness Literacy in general.  They have my full support for continued success in the Heartfit Champion program.” 

Doug Johnson 50, heart attack survivor, Regional Niagara

“I’m glad to see how well you’ve done with the
Heartfit lifestyle that you clearly bought into.   Your results show you have a good program going.  Maybe we can work together at this.”

Dr. Emilio Raimondo, MD FRCPC


"As a busy executive and former world class runner, I never gave Heartfit Living a second thought until Heartfit365  opened my eyes to reading food labels.  I was so impressed with what I learned and how I learned to share that knowledge with my family that I decided to help Dave scale his mission of inspiring Canadians to reach their full potential every day by becoming his Behavioral Change Expert for companies with thousands of employees."

                                                                                     -Dylan Stokes, Vice President TD Bank, Learning and Development

"Thank you so much for coming and enlightening us on a new outlook for “Wellness Literacy”. Your Heartfit Champion Workshop was not only uplifting and engaging; it made me think about the best ways that I can be successful in my wellness goals. Your information opened my eyes even more too healthier food selections for me and my family. I would absolutely recommend your workshop to all employers, employees, and members of the public. I will be recommending your workshop to other H&S Coordinator, Managers and Supervisors."

 -Candie Blackburn, H&S Coordinator, Town of Saugeen Shores

“As an HR professional, after attending a Heartfit Champion Workshop, I now have a better understanding of how affecting change in my organization must come from leadership, trust and WHY, not just through inspiration.  Our employees need to understand the basics of wellness and how it affects their lives and the lives of their family. With this change in mindset, our organization can start to shape a wellness culture that caters the needs of its members, not just to needs of the management."  

-Tracey Michaluk, CHRL, Program Director, HRPA Hamilton Chapter

"Please thank the wellness committee for bringing in the Heartfit Champion Workshop and guest speaker Dave Buzanko. Dave was both informative and inspirational. I wish every employee could have had the opportunity to hear Dave’s story as I found it was worthy of the time spent at this workshop. I have told pretty much everyone in our office to go to his website to learn more about ourselves and our well being. Thanks again."

-Ken Wolfe, Employee, City of Stratford, ON